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What will 1 out of every three seniors experience this year? A Fall! Why?

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Downloads Section

ACPS Staff Only

General Area

Downloads here are available to all visitors 


Requires registration with us so you can obtain a username and password.


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Provide your full name, business association, State& email information and indicate you are requesting a username & password. Registration is only to allow us to keep track of where our visitors hail from. No information you provide will be shared with anyone else.              


Dehydration Awareness Pocket Cards (designed to be printed on perforated card stock)

Drugs That Can Increase Dehydration Risk

Drugs That Can Cause Movement Disorders

Drugs that Can Cause Psychotic Symptoms

Drugs That Can Cause Urinary Incontinence

Insulin Facts - comparison of insulin stability, onset of action etc..

Observe Online Movement Disorders Video with Audio

Pain management and assessment resources

Wong-Baker Scale

Video Examples of Nystagmus a Sign of Dilantin toxicity

AMDA - Transitions of Care In The Long-Term Care Continuum Guidlines

    Forms & Instructions


Sleep Assessment Algorithm Form

Parkinsons assessment Form

Orthostatic Hypotension Monitor Form

AIMS(Abnormal Involuntary movement Scale)

AIMS Instructions

DISCUS ( Dyskenesia Identification System Condensed User Scale)

For earlier detection of cognitive decline use the AD8 assessment rather than MMSE

AD8 - Form, explanataion and inctructions

MMSE (Mini-Mental State Exam)

MMSE Scores - Interpretation


(Functional Alzheimer's Screening Test also known as FAQ Functional Activities Questionnaire, or Function Status Questionnaire)

This should be used in patient scoring very low on MMSE or unable to answer or unwilling to do MMSE

(Functional Alzheimer's Screening Test also known as FAQ Functional Activities Questionnaire, or Function Status Questionnaire)

GDRS (Geriatric Depression Rating Scale)

CMAI (Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory)

Cornell Depression in Dementia Scale

  (The Cornell resource is caregiver driven so it is can also serve to assess developmentally diabled populations or for patients who are uncooperative in answering a GDRS )     

Administration & Guidelines for Cornell Depression in Dementia Scale

Mania Rating Scale

CAM (Confusion Assessment Method) Overview

CAM Worksheet Shortened Version

CAM In-servie with Pre-test

Hamilton Anxiety Scale

BPH AUA - LUTS Assessment

(Questionaire to assess lower urinary tract symptoms in men with BPH and impact on quality of life)

         (NEW)           Depression Assessment form for Cevelopmentally Disabled         (NEW)

Initial Pain Assessment Form

Pain Management Screen

Link to Geriatric Pain Management

Nursing Home Clients Only Area

State Operations Manual Changes

This link will bring you to a copy of the December issue of The Consultant Pharmacist magazine. The article entitled State Operations Manual Changes describes clearly how the changes in the interprative guidelines will affect the pharmacy services provision of the regulations in the coming year. These changes took effect December 18, 2006.

Nursing Home Monitoring Tools List

       (Tools listing to aid in compliance with F329 Unecessary Medication Tag - adapted from The Consultant Pharmacist Journal Vol 21 No12 December 2006)

Short Stay/Status change Notice to ACPS

This area is for our current Nursing Home Clients to Print MAR/MD Order Sheets from the Web

Submit Patient information by completing the MD Order Form then Submit via e-mail and print onsite at your facility

 Enter drug orders to print a MAR at your facility(requires a password each time for access; password granted after MD order form has been submitted as ACPS needs this data to update your records and print future MARs,Orders, etc...)


Coming Soon




ACPS Client Only Area

Files & Forms etc in the area below can only be accessed by authorized agents of the facility listed and only for that facility by password.

The password must be obtained by calling ACPS at (337) 457- 4604. The following files can be downloaded by ACPS clients by going to your facility name and entering your username and password.

Files available

Achieving An Error Free Medication Pass Powerpoint Presentation - for In-service use and new nurse orientation or refresher course for other  nurses.

ACPS Pharmacy Policy & Procedure Manual - Microsoft Word doc file

Annual Consultant Pharmacist  Report - Microsoft Excel format

Metered Dose Inhaler In-service and test - Microsoft Word doc file

Medications that Should Not be Crushed listing - pdf file


Acadia-St. Landry Nursing Home

Gueydan Memorial Guest Home

J. Michael Morrow Memorial Nursing Home

Lafayette ARC - Alleman Civitan & Community Homes

Prairie Manor Nursing Home 

St. Martinville ARC Community Homes 

Savoy Care Center

We Care Community Home




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