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Tools to Aid in Assessment of Drug Therapy to Prevent Unnecessary Medication Use in the Elderly Nursing Home Patient - Tag F329

Adapted from The ConsultantPharmacist Journal Vol21 No12 December 2006



Condition Tools  Potential Application
Alzheimer's Dementia  MMSE           

Determine the degree of  cognitive impairment

Functional Decline IADL - Instrument Activities of Daily Living Assess Functional capabilities
  RA - Resident Assesment Assess aspects of nursing home resident's behavior and function
  Functional Alzheimer's Screening Test (FAST) Assess level of function in individuals with dementia
Delirium Confusion Assessment Method(CAM) Screen for cognitive impairment & delirium
Bipolar Disorder Mania Rating Scale Assess severity of mania anddrug effectiveness
Pain Pain rating scales Assess pain characteristics  such as intensity, impact, timing etc... & response to pain management
Depression Geriatric Depression Rating Scale (GDRS)

Screen or monitor individuals at risk for depression or improvement or failure to improve on therapy.

  Cornell-Depression in Dementia Scale Screen or monitor for depression in individuals with cognitive impairment.
Abnormal Movements Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scales (AIMS)

Assess presence and severity of involuntary movements that may be due to disease or medications

  Dyskinesia Identification System Condensed User Scale (DISCUS) Assess presence or severity of movment disorders in the developmentally disabled or special needs population.
Behavioral Symptoms associated with dementia Neuropsychiatic Inventory-Nursing Home Version(NPINH) Screen or monitor for behavior associated with dementia(eg. Halluciantions, agitation, anxiety)
  Behavioral Pathology in Alzhiemer's Disease Rating Scale (BehaveAD) Provide global rating of n0n-cognitive symptoms
  Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory (CMAI) Asses or rate distresed behavior in older individuals




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