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ACPS Services to Louisiana Nursing Homes, Homes for the Developmentally Disabled

And To Private Indivduals through In-Office Visits or House Calls


Acadiana Conslutant Pharmacy Service(ACPS) has brought state of the art Pharmacy Consulting services to the State of Louisiana for the past 26 years

... A dedicated specialist, expert clinical consultant pharmacist with a complete knowledge of the subject...

... A thorough understanding of the needs of both nursing facilities and the private individual in need of drug therapy management

... and a profound dedication to design,implementation, monitoring, and delivery of services to acheive that degree of excellence and proficiency you desire for your patients...

Acadian Consultant Pharmacy Service has been Formulated on

the basis of need. Its function is dedicated to promoting high quality health care and expert clinical consultant pharmacy services in Louisiana and nationwide through long term care institutions or nursing homes and homes for the developmentally disabled.     

                                                                                                           Charles S. Feucht, Pharm D,FASCP                                                                                                                     Acadiana Consultant

                                                                                                                                                 Pharmacy Service

                                                                                                                                       PO Box 1288 Eunice, LA  70535

                                                                                                                                               Phone (337) 457-4604

To accomplish this goal, the needs defined are:                                       Contact us

...Cost effective drug therapy especially with Medicare Part D roles now...

...Patient Compliance...

...Reduce adverse drug reactions, drug interactions and toxicities

...Effective Dosing...

...Enhanced Public image...

Cost Effective Drug Therapy with enhanced quality of life...  The primary client or patient within these settings are geriatric or disabled patients. These patients face the problems of meeting more health care expenses than most other members of the general population and must do so on a very low fixed income in most cases. Maintaining cost effective high quality of life health care is of prime importance to these individuals and to your facility.

Patient Compliance...  many patients do not receive optimum benefit from drug regimens because of non-compliance or potentially inappropriately prescribed medications(PIMs) but rather suffer deleterious effects due to failing patient compliance.

Reduced Adverse Drug reactions, interactions and toxicities...

Adverse drug reactions and interactions are responsible for over 100,000 deaths annually and account for a significant percentage > 16% of hospitalizations. Drug toxicities cost consumers over $ 3 billion annually.

Effective Dosing...

most drug dosing was established empirically, using manufacturers' recommnedations as a  start. This is acceptable for most drugs, because generally, the toxic range is well above the therapeutic range, but it becomes more crucial in geriatric and disabled patients. If a drug has a narrow therapoeutic range which is close to its toxic range, empiric dosing can be dangerous through more subtle problems. Serum levels would be the obvious solution, but another problem presents itself. Serum drug levels are ordered at inappropriate times  and are often interpreted incorrectly. Levels may be drawn too close to a dose giving false highs or drawn too close to steady state giving false lows. This results in an inaccurate analysis and inappropriate drug therapy.

Enhanced Public Image...

 ...the need of the patient to find quality healthcare with meaningful qulaity of life allows you to become the facility of choice.

Acadiana Consultant Pharmacy Service...  

recognizes the needs previously itemized above and porvides a service which directly address them for the purpose


placing your facility


The Standard of Practice.

Services are contracted on a

combination of:

Fee per month

Fee per hour


Fee per form basis

Services provided:


                                                       Fee per month basis:

Complete Pharmacy drug regimen Reviews

Provision of Printed Physician Orders

Medication and Treatment administration records

Expedited Reviews for Short Stay Residents & Significant Change in Status

Fee per form basis:

Behavior Therapy Monitoring - Sample 1 Front  Sample 2 Back

Catheter monitoring Forms - Sample                                                  

Sleep Monitoring Forms - Sample

Respiratory Monitor Forms - Sample

Side Effect Monitor Forms - Sample 1 Front of this form   Sample 2 Back of this form

Tube Feeding Monitor Forms - Sample

Glucose Fingerstick Monitoring Forms - Sample1 Front of form   Sample 2 Back of form

Fee per hour basis:

Controlled Drug Destructions

In-service presentations

Medication pass observations

No fee services: ( to contracted facilities only )

                                                       Miscellaneous reports services

                                                       Drug information services

                                                       Visits to facility during survey process

                                                       Monthly Administrative reports

                                                       Consultant Pharmacist Annual Report

Contact us



State of the Art

Pharmacy Consulting Services

for your facility.

Start saving money

Reduce nursing time

Improve patient healthcare

Improve quality of their lives

Improve your pharmacy related issues


Annual Licensing Surveys


Expert Clinical Drug Therapy Management for Private individuals through House Calls or In-Office Visits





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