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Welcome to RxPERTUSA         



Charles S. Feucht, Pharm D, FASCP, reviewing medication problems with one of RxPERTUSA.com clients

We’re glad you’re here. If you are having health problems which you think may be related to your medications or you think you or someone in your family is overmedicated, then you’ve come to the right place. Those problems are very likely related to either drug interactions, drug side effects, inappropriate medications for the elderly or overmedicated. We can help.

To learn more about our expert clinical pharmacy consultant services RxPERT USA click on the About Us button to the left of this screen.

To determine if our services can help you, you can easily perform our medication Self Assessment Test, which is located in our links for "Assessment Tools" provided on the left of every page. If you answer "yes" to most of the questions on the Self Assessment Test, you should use the Contact Us link. Should you prefer to speak to us directly, please telephone (337) 457-4604 and tell our secretary that you are calling about RxPERT USA.com services to set up an appointment.

We have made every attempt to make this site very easy to use. We are here to help you determine if your medications are causing some, if not many, of your health problems and to offer solutions to correct those problems and improve your quality of life. Often, the number of medications you are using can be decreased resulting in fewer health problems.

The elderly patient is very prone to experience side effects and interactions with his/her medications because of reduced kidney and liver functions. These two organs are mainly responsible for clearing drugs from your body. When these organs decrease in function with increasing age then lower doses are needed. Fewer drugs should be used as you age, whenever possible, to prevent side effects and interactions. In many cases a second or third drug is prescribed to treat the side effect caused by the drugs you were placed on to treat some medical condition. All to often elderly patients are receiving drugs which should not be used in patient over 65 years of age.

RxPERT USA can analyze your medications from information you provide and render a professional report which you can take back to your physician as recommendations to help reduce your medication related problems, prevent future health problems and improve your quality of life.

Call RxPERT USA or contact us today to start improving your health, live happier, and healthier with improved medication use.

Call RxPERT USA or contact us for comprehensive drug therapy management, clinical pharmacy services, diabetes management, Coumadin (warfarin) therapy management.



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