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Volume 2 August 27, 2005 Number 2

An Exclusive Continuing Education Publication of Acadiana Consultant Pharmacy Service
Author, Publisher, Editor-in Chief, Typesetter & Printer, Charles S. Feucht,PD,FASCP PharmD candidate

Medication News & Update



Risperdal, Risperdal Consta


Pharmaceutical company:
Janssen Pharmaceutica Products

In accordance with an FDA request to add warning information to all atypical antipsychotics, Janssen has issued a “Dear Healthcare Professional” letter about a new warning for their atypical antipsychotic risperidone (Risperdal, Risperdal Consta). The new warning follows postmarketing studies that showed an increase in mortality in elderly patients with dementia who were treated with atypical antipsychotics versus a placebo group. A black box warning will appear in the prescribing information (PI) noting that elderly patients with dementia are at an increased risk of death when taking atypical antipsychotics. The box also notes that risperidone isn’t approved for patients with dementia-related psychoses. The “Warnings” section of the PI also notes this risk and reiterates that the drug isn’t approved for this use


Rosuvastatin: Question of Safety

After studying adverse events reported to the Food and Drug Administration during the first year of rosuvastatin marketing, researchers at Tufts University and Tufts–New England Medical Center have found that the drug is at least as likely to cause significant adverse effects as other statin drugs, including atorvastatin, cerivastatin, pravastatin, and simvastatin.
   Specifically, they found rosuvastatin more closely linked to rhabdomyolitis, proteinuria, renal failure, and nephropathy, the first three of which tended to occur early in therapy and at modest dosage levels. In conclusion, the researchers expressed concern about the relative safety of rosuvastatin at commonly used dosage levels. (Circulation 2005; 111:3051.)





     The many new insulins have people confused. Two new ones are on the horizon. They are Levemir and

     Apidra. Apidra will be rapid-acting like Novolog and Humalog. Levemir is a basal insulin like Lantus.

     A few older insulins are being discontinued...      Humulin L, Humulin U, and Regular and NPH Iletin II, purified PORK insulin.

         We have an updated comprehensive chart available that compares the different insulins. If you'd like a copy, contact us at


    There is new evidence that pioglitazone (Actos) improves lipids better than rosiglitazone (Avandia). Both glitazones reduce

    A1C equally. But pioglitazone seems better at lowering triglycerides and increasing HDL.
     Pioglitazone LOWERS triglycerides about 9% to 12%...

     rosiglitazone can INCREASE triglycerides up to 15%.
     Pioglitazone also raises HDL about 12% to 19%...compared

     to 8% to 19% for rosiglitazone.





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