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The latest Mainline newsletters for the General Public are listed here.


For healthcare professionals we have a Mainline newsletter in a Professional version here.


What will 1 out of every three seniors experience this year? A Fall! Why?

Our Favorite Links

Tardive Dyskinesia - Tardive dykinesia web site resources on this serious movement disroder problem.

Administation on Aging  - The AoA maintains a nationwide network of state, territorial, and area agencies of aging offering a   wide range of informational and supportive services for older persons and their caregivers. 

Medicare.gov - For help with the new Part D Prescription Drug Plan

Louisiana Alzheimer's Association - Excellent information for caregivers and family members

Optima Solutions - Complete Dietary Services for nursing facilities. Check it out quite impressive.

Louisiana Geriatric Society - membership info, newsletters etc. and additional links to sites

                                                 important to the elderly and care of that patient population

Pain Assessment Resources - a valuable resource for pain management policies, scales, forms etc...

Clotcare.com   -  An online resource for information about anticoagulation.

Pchousekeeping.com - We're proud of our website developer. We think he does a great job and

                                         highly recommend him to all of you looking for someone who really has a

                                         handle on this stuff.

Spencer C. Young Law - Elder abuse legal representation and many other types of legal representation in the state of California

kbon.com - Listen to unique Louisiana music live online free. Cajun french, Zydeco, country 

                              and oldies all by Louisiana artist.





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